Honorary Doctorates

On the occasion of the Dies Natalis, Erasmus University Rotterdam regularly awards honorary doctorates to natural persons on account of their outstanding earnings in sciences practiced at EUR.

Honorary Doctorates 2018

Debra Satz

  • Debra Satz spreekt tijdens Dies Natalis 2018

    Prof. dr. Debra Satz (Stanford University) received an honourary doctorate by recommendation of the Erasmus Initiative ‘Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity’. The American philosopher’s work is of the highest quality and contributes to a wide variety of fields, such as ethics and social and political philosophy. Among other things, Satz’s work looks into moral borders in marketplaces, into the various interpretations of ‘equal opportunity’, and into the foundations of rational choice-making.

George Davey Smith

  • George Davey Smith ontvangt eredoctoraat Dies Natalis 2018

    Prof. dr. George Davey Smith (University of Bristol) received an Honourary Doctorate by recommendation of the Erasmus Initiative ‘Smarter Choices for Better Health’. The clinical epidemiologist is a frontrunner when it comes to innovative research in the field of health inequality. Davey Smith applies elements from genetic epidemiology in his research into health inequality. His research reflects in large part on health-related factors such as behaviour and environment.

Nina Glick-Schiller

  • Nina Glick-Schiller spreekt tijdens Dies Natalis 2018

    Prof. dr. Nina Glick-Schiller (University of Manchester) received an honourary doctorate by recommendation of the Erasmus Initiative ‘Vital Cities and Citizens’. The anthropologist connects questions of migration, identity, power, citizenship and urban development. In this field Glick-Schiller is considered a leading scientist. Her most recent work investigates migration theories by researching the relationship between the migrant and the city.

Laudatio honorary doctor Debra Satz by professor Jack Vromen

Laudatio honorary doctor George Davey Smith by professor Johan Mackenbach

Laudatio honorary doctor Nina Glick-Schiller by professor Inge Hutter

Previous Honorary Doctorates

    • prof. Paul Gertier, iBMG
      prof. John P.A, Ioannides, FGG/Erasmus MC

    • prof. Nancy Fraser, FW en ESHCC

    • prof. Steven D. Levitt, ESE
      prof.dr. Cass R. Sunstein, ESL
      prof.dr. Craig J. Calhoun, FSW
      prof.dr. Brian J. Druker, FGG/Erasmus MC
      prof.dr. Philip S. Kitcher, FW
      prof. Arjun Appadurai, ESHCC
      prof.dr. Don C. Hambrick, RSM
      prof.dr. R. Chambers, ISS

    • Prof.dr. Alice H. Eagly, RSM
      Prof.dr. Mike Drummond, iBMG

    • Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, ESL (posthuum)

    • Prof.dr. Geoff Norman, FSW

    • Prof.dr. Daniel Kahneman, ESE

    • Prof.dr. Hau Lee, RSM
      Prof.dr. Sonia Livingstone, FHKW
      Prof.dr. Guido Calabresi, FR

    • Prof.dr. Barry R. Bloom, FGG/Erasmus MC

    • Prof. Jonathan I. Israel, FW
      Prof.dr. Sir Clive W.J. Granger, FEW
      Prof.dr. Arnold Zellner, FEW

    • Prof. Richard H. Thaler, RSM

    • Prof. Howard S. Becker, FHKW

    • Prof.dr. J.P. Olsen, FSW
      Prof.dr. P. Nurse, FGG/Erasmus MC
      Prof.dr. Th.C. Schelling, FEW

    • Prof.dr. Jutta Limbach, FR

    • Prof.dr. P.B. Checkland, FB
      Prof.dr. H.L. Dreyfus, FW
      Prof. A. Cassese, FR
      Prof.dr. P.N.T. Wells, FGG

    • Mr.dr. H.D. Tjeenk Willink, FSW

    • Prof.dr. Sumitro Djojohadikusumo, FEW

    • Prof. R.B. Stewart, FR
      Prof.dr. S.A. Ross, FEW
      Prof.dr. M.E. Porter, FB

    • Dr. R. von Weizsäcker, FHKW

    • Prof.dr. D. Collen, FGG
      Prof.dr. A.C.R. Dreesmann, FB
      Prof.dr. J. Kocka, FHKW
      Mr. G. Marotta, FW
      Prof.dr. Th. van Boven, FR
      Prof.dr. J.N. Bhagwatti, FEW

    • Prof. Ch. Tilly, FSW
      Prof. N.K. Jerne, FGG
      Prof.dr. H. Theil, FEW

    • E. Silva Cimma, FR
      Mr. J.G.L. Reuder, FR
      Dr. Hilda Verweij-Jonker, FSW
      Prof. W. Isard, FEW
      C.A. Oomens, FEW

    • Prof.dr. A. Querido, FGG
      Prof.dr. C.A.G. Wiersma, FGG
      Prof.dr. T. Caspersson, FGG

  • 1973 Prof. H.A. Simon
    1972 Dr. J.J. Polak
    1968 Dr. H.B. Chenery
    1963 Dr. T.C. Koopmans
    1963 Dr. M.W. Holtrop
    1958 Mr. K.P. van der Mandele 'due to exceptional merit'
    1954 W.A. Engelbrecht
    1948 P. Rijkens
    1948 W. Drees
    1947 Prof.dr. Th. Limperg
    1946 Lord William Beveridge

  • Honorary Doctorate in business science 1928 for Rotterdam banker G.H. Hintzen (left) and Dutch industrial A.F. Philips (right).
    Picture: collection historical photo archive EUR

    Since the start of the 'Nederlandsche Handels-Hoogeschool' in 1913 the following honorary doctorates were received by:

    1930 Dr. A.D.A. de Kat Angelino
    1928 A.F. Philips
    1928 G.H. Hintzen
    1922 A.G. Kröller

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