Special situations

  • If you are taking two programmes in The Netherlands , which are both covered by the same statutory tuition fee, you have to pay the statutory tuition fee only once (with the exception of study programmes of the Open University and study programmes not funded by the government).

    Make sure that you ask for a “Proof of Payment of Tuition Fee” (“Bewijs van Betaald Collegegeld” or BBC) in time from the Dutch institute to which you paid the statutory tuition fee and send the original proof of payment (including your name and student number) to:
    Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Enrolment, Deregistration and Funding Team
    Antwoordnummer (Freepost) 2791

    3000 VB Rotterdam

    or hand in the BBC at Erasmus Student Service Centre before the start of the study programme .

    Please note that you are only eligible for a reduction or exemption if you pay the statutory fee at Erasmus University as well as at the other institute. If the statutory tuition fee for the other enrollment is less than the student owes to Erasmus University Rotterdam, the student will pay the difference to Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    Make sure that we receive the BBC before the start of the study programme.

  • You have to pay Erasmus University the full amount owed in case  you do not qualify for the statutory tuition fee.  

  • You have enrolled as a student at Erasmus University Rotterdam for more programmes at different fees. You will only be obliged to pay the tuition fee once, at the highest rate. This does not apply to students who, in addition to their registration as student, are also registered for a post-initial master’s degree and also not as a course student: in that case, you pay tuition fee and the fee for your course.

  • If you are registered for several programs and you obtain a degree, you may complete the other program (s) at the institutional fee equal to the statutory fee.
    Please notice that you do not interrupt these registrations.

  • For the registration of a premaster's program, students do not pay a tuition fee but a premaster fee. Students who are registered at the EUR or another institution of higher education and pay the statutory tuition fee for that registration are exempt from paying the premaster's fee if they register simultaneously for the premaster. So, if you start another initial programme on 1 September, at the same time as your premaster, you do not pay a premaster fee.

  • You enrol at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the same academic year for a Bachelor’s degree programme, followed by a Master’s degree programme, to which different institutional fees apply: you will be required to pay 1/12 of the fee monthly that applies to the Bachelor’s degree programme and, from the start of the Master’s degree programme, 1/12 of the fee of the Master’s degree programme.

    Please note: if the tuition fee for your bachelor’s degree is higher than that of the Master’s degree programme you’re going to follow subsequently, you must deregister via Studielink for the bachelor’s degree after you have completed it. As long as you haven’t done this, you owe the higher bachelor’s fee.

  • When you receive word from Studielink that your registration is complete and that you should pay a certain tuition fee for your registration, while based on newer information Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) finds out you should pay a different type of tuition fee tariff at a later time, EUR can make interim changes to the tuition fee you're required to pay for your registration.

    Usually, such an interim change stems from a delay in the processing time of newly achieved diploma's (in Studielink). This process should take up to six weeks to complete, but it can take longer. Thus, it can take six weeks or longer before EUR notices any changes in your certification, and make the interim changes in your tuition fee tariff that reflect this new information. Once such a change is made, you'll be notified via Studielink.

    Example of an interim change (tariff increase):

    EUR can increase the tuition fee you must pay for your registration when you're about to achieve a bachelor's degree at the time you register for a bachelor programme at EUR, but are already admissible based on another diploma you achieved previously. EUR can then admit you based on the previously achieved diploma. Yet once EUR receives new information on the bachelor programme you recently completed and it becomes clear you in fact registered for a second bachelor programme, the tuition fee you're required to pay is changed from the legal tuition fee tariff into the institutional fee tariff. You will then receive a message concerning this change via Studielink.

  • Elective course or minor at the EUR as an external student

    If you are enrolled as a student at another Dutch University or a University of Applied Sciences, you can follow an elective course or minor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam free of charge within the same education level (Bachelor or Master) as the study programme you are registered for elsewhere.
    More information about registering for an elective course.

    Please note: if you are enrolled as a master student at a funded study program at another institute, and you want to follow a bachelor elective course at the Erasmus University, a bachelor enrollment is required. This usually involves high costs.

    Elective course at the EUR for EUR students

    In principle you can follow an elective course within the EUR without paying extra tuition fee.
    More information about registering for an elective course.

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