The Digital Society

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The Digital Society

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has brought together 30 leading professors from all fourteen universities to address the many pressing questions raised by the emergence of a digital society. At Erasmus University Rotterdam, several experts also strive to contribute to the field of the digitalisation of society.

Education and digital media

Erasmus University Rotterdam's education is centered around the principe 'Digital is Normal'. Through the development of online colleges, MOOC's and forms of blended learning, we are continuously looking for ways in which digitalisation can contribute to the success of our students and the quality and accessibility of our education.

Revision MOOC ‘Serious Gaming’ (ESHCC)

MOOC with Mijke Slot in front of a screen saying: a shared definition of serious games

MOOC UN Sustainable Development Goals (RSM)

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Research on the digital society

Our researchers are also interested in the digitalisation of society, which translates into several projects within different disciplines. 

Mapping Privacy and Surveillance Dynamics in Emerging Mobile Ecosystems

Jason Pridmore, Daniel Trottier, Anouk Mols

Nokia Phone How Else Can I Help

Digital Vigilantism

Daniel Trottier, Qian Huang, Rashid Gabdulhakov

Citizen Engagement: Politics and Digital Media in Namibia

Sadrag Shihomeka

All of the projects

View all of the projects on the digital society.

Big Data, Privacy en Veiligheid
Researcher: Prof. Dennis Broeders

Big Data voor Jongerenbeleid (Big Data for Policy-making for youngsters)
Researchers: Prof. Liesbeth van Zoonen, Prof. Menno Fenger, Dr Jason Pridmore, Dr Jay Lee 

Centre for BOLD Cities – Big, Open and Linked Data
Researcher: Prof. Liesbet van Zoonen 

Citizen Engagement: Politics and Digital Media in Namibia
Researcher: Sadrag Shihomeka MBA 

Online Urban Heritage
Researcher: Dr Arno van der Hoeven

Digitalisering en Wetgeving (Digitalisation and Legislation)
Researcher: Prof. Klaus Heine

Digital Vigilantism
Researchers: Dr Daniel Trottier, Qian Huang MA, Rashid Gabdulhakov MA 

Erasmus Centre for Business Intelligence
Researcher: Prof. Rommert Dekker

Erasmus Studio for e-research
Director: Prof. Franciska de Jong

Games Set in War-devastated European (Urban) Landscapes
Researcher: Pieter van den Heede MA 

Kenniswerkplaats Urban Big Data (Knowledge Center Urban Big Data)
Researchers: Dr Jan van Dalen, Dr Fadi Hirzalla, Prof. Liesbet van Zoonen

Laboratory for Optimisation of Digital Experiments (LODE)
Researcher: Prof. Gui Liberali

Learning Agents Research Group (LARGE)
Researchers: Prof. Wolf Ketter, Prof. Rob Zuidwijk, Frederik Hogenboom, Alexander Hogenboom, Markus Peters, Dr Jan van Dalen, Sheng Yun Yang

Mapping Privacy and Surveillance Dynamics in Emerging Mobile Ecosystems
Researchers: Dr Jason Pridmore, Dr Daniel Trottier, Anouk Mols MA

New Media Analytics
Researcher: Dr Ting Li

Nowcasting with Online Search Queries
Researcher: Dr Jan van Dalen

The Effect of Linking and Excerpting on Web Site Traffic
Researcher: Dr Jason Roos

The Uses of Digital Testimonies on War and Liberation in Educational Contexts
Researcher: Dr. Susan Hogervorst

Twitter and tourism
Researcher: Dr Tobias Brandt

Young, Online and Connected
Researcher: Dr Marjon Schols 

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