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How can the CLI support you?

How can the Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) support you?

The CLI focuses on joint innovation activities and improving the quality of education by enhancing the combination of online, blended and on-campus education. The CLI organises good-quality, demand-driven and customised support and modern facilities for lecturers, students and the faculty Learning Innovation teams (LI teams), which are consistent with their own projects. The CLI is a support and knowledge network.

Support and facilities relating to projects put forward by faculties and approved by the CLI steering group are combined to provide help to lecturers and students. Here are some examples:

The CLI supports the project team - lecturer or student, studio team, education expert - by carrying out the projects submitted, from idea to implementation.  

Education advisors and (e-)learning experts are available for each project in order to safeguard the educational quality of the innovations.

Lecturers and students are coached and trained if they so wish, e.g. during the didactic implementation of a new type of education, or via camera training.

Project teams can make use of brainstorming and design facilities at the Erasmus Education Lab in an inspiring and high-tech environment.

A state-of-the-art studio is available at the Education Lab for making online modules such as MOOCs and knowledge videos, and for live webinars in an atmosphere resembling that of a current affairs talk show.

Technicians, cameramen, editors and coordinators work together at the studio to make state-of-the-art recordings.

CLI Fellows can call on the support of a student assistant during their fellowship via the application for an innovation project (maximum of 0.2 FTE).

The CLI does not cover any costs related to designing, printing, translation or proofreading in any language or any other costs for publication purpose, travel, accommodation, and registration fees to attend conferences or similar events, hiring of external staff.

Support given by the CLI is easily accessible in order to provide facilities to as many lecturers and students as possible to help them achieve their goals. Of course, there are rules for the submitting and awarding of projects and responsibility for them. These rules relate to the deployment of the central part of the student grant advance resources, known as the ‘Innovation Fund’. This fund was set up in order to accelerate and link up faculty initiatives that contribute towards improving educational quality. The rules are also intended to ensure fair and transparent distribution of the Innovation Fund’s resources.

The criteria are as follows:

  • The innovation must contribute towards updating and improving the initial education.
  • The project must be endorsed by one or more lecturers, and it must be in the students’ own interests.
  • The innovation must benefit the community through the sharing of results and teaching perceptions.

  1. The procedure starts with a project application submitted by a lecturer (to or student (to You can download the template for this application down below. The application must contain a concise explanation of the content and an overview of the relevant faculty employees, and it must be coordinated with the LI team.
  2. As soon as we have received the project application, we will discuss it internally and aim to respond within two weeks. The outcome may be an immediate approval or feedback on how to adjust the application, so it'll become a better match with our goals.
  3. Teaching experiences or lessons learned must be shared with the community during the project and after its completion. Agreements must be made on this point in advance.
  4. On completion of the project, an evaluation is carried out and transfer is arranged. The final report is sent to the programme director(s) and to the CLI steering group.

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