The S4S team

  • Nick Tennekes

    Chairman Students-for-Students

    My name is Nick and I am currently studying the MSc in Finance & Investments. As chairman I am mainly acting as link between CLI and the Students-for-Students support platform. I find it important that students are involved with education innovation since students experience which education methods are effective and interesting themselves. Moreover, I think that the different study years and backgrounds of students contribute to diverse opinions and perspectives which can enhance innovation. With the Students-for-Students platform CLI gives students with a good idea the opportunity to broaden their curriculum, for example with an innovation project. If you are interested in this opportunity or if you have a question don't hesitate to contact us at the bottom of this page.

  • Mikulas Karger

    Project Manager Students-for-Students

    My name is Mikulas, and I am 24 year old master student at the Rotterdam School of Management. I believe that there should be higher emphasis on technology related skills and in general 21st century skills. It is no longer true that technology only concerns the computer science students but everyone should be aware of the basics, otherwise those technologies which we are ignoring could replace us. Furthermore, I believe there should be a bigger emphasis on the relationship between the professor and the students and building rapport between the two.

  • Andreea Maria Butnaru

    Project Manager Students-for-Students

    My name is Andreea Maria Butnaru and I am currently doing my MSc in Fiscal Economics after having finished my BSc in Fiscal Economics at the EUR. As I have had the opportunity to study for several years on the Erasmus University campus and to be part of several student and study associations, I have been in contact with a lot of students and having exchanged our point of view on the current educational system made me realize that innovation is necessary. With the rise of CLI, emphasis is placed on improving education on our campus and the Students-for-Students platform offers students the opportunity to contribute to improving and innovating education themselves. As a student myself, I see a lot of value in students having the chance to contribute to the discussion on educational innovation and helping the system fit the needs of the future generation of students.

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