Supervisors and co-supervisors

The PhD track processes, from registering, progress monitoring up to and including the PhD defence procedure, run through Hora Finita. The application offers an overview of your (former) PhD candidates, upcoming tasks, meetings with your PhD candidates and shows your most recent messages. Also, you can monitor the progress of your PhD candidates. You’ll automatically be notified by Hora Finita when you need to take action.

Who works with Hora Finita?

The PhD candidate, the (co)supervisors, the dean, the (administrative) secretariat, Graduate Schools Officers and the Beadle’s Office each have a specific role in Hora Finita.

Important to know

  • You can only log in to Hora Finita with your staff login.

The secretary role

It is possible to authorize a secretary to perform some tasks in Hora Finita. However, not each task can be delegated (policy EUR). Please ask your faculty contact for a current overview of the tasks that can be delegated.

Registration of a new PhD candidate

After the PhD candidate has submitted his/her registration request, the first supervisor will automatically receive an email from Hora Finita with a link to evaluate the registration request. The evaluation will be done by checking whether the agreements between you and the PhD candidate are correct.

If you reject the registration, the rejection and provided feedback will automatically be sent to the Beadle’s Office and the Graduate School Officer. If you approve the application, an email will be sent to the Beadle’s Office or the Admissions Office and the faculty dean. The faculty dean legally makes the formal decision whether a PhD candidate is admitted. The Graduate School Officer will convert the registration request to a PhD track. For information regarding exceptions, please consult the manual (co)supervisor.

The Training & Supervision Plan (TSP)

The TSP of the PhD candidate must be submitted within the first three months of the start of the PhD track. When the PhD candidate has submitted the TSP, you will automatically receive an email asking you to review the plan. The task to review the TSP will also be added to your dashboard.

The PhD candidate can always update their TSP. To keep the changes visible for you, all changes will be marked in an orange color. By submitting your approval or withholding approval – optionally with added feedback - an email will be sent to the PhD candidate.

Progress monitoring

On your dashboard, you will find information on your current PhD candidates, upcoming meetings/milestones in the next three months, your tasks and your most recent messages. You can go to the list of your PhD candidates, to get an overview of all your PhD candidates, their starting and (planned) end dates, their current status and obtained EC’s, and your own role in each PhD track.

In the manual (co)supervisor you will find a description of all the tabs and possibilities in Hora Finita. However, please take note of the following expectations regarding your role as a supervisor:

  • You (or your secretary) will have to approve the training activities of your PhD candidates.
  • You as a supervisor, the PhD candidate or Graduate School Officer can add or remove participants to a progress meeting.
  • Each progress meeting can have different documents that need to be read or filled in by the participants of the meeting. All participants of the meeting have access to these files. You can download these files from within the progress meeting.
  • If a progress meeting has taken place, then a report - depending on your faculty policy/guideline - will have to be uploaded. A reminder will be sent if the report of the meeting has not yet been submitted/uploaded.

Preparing for the PhD defence

The graduation process requires you to go through a number of steps, like approvement of the manuscript and propositions, submitting a proposal for the committee members of the assessment committee and the Doctoral Committee. Click on ‘read more’ to see a brief overview of the timeline for the graduation process. View the manual (co)supervisor for a more comprehensive timeline with a description of the responsibilities of all those involved in the PhD track. The application informs you by email when you have a certain action to fulfil for instance the below-mentioned aspects.

24 weeks prior to the defence

After the PhD candidate has submitted their PhD ceremony request, Hora Finita will automatically send an email to you as supervisor to interpret the reference check report and assess the manuscript.

18 weeks prior to the defence

  • After assessing the manuscript, you will receive an email with the request to propose members of the Doctoral Subcommittee. In Hora Finita you can fill out this information by clicking on the tab ‘PhD examining committee’.
  • Immediately after the manuscript has been uploaded in Hora Finita, the PhD candidate is asked to upload the title page and the eleven mandatory propositions. You (and the Beadle’s Office) will be asked to approve the propositions. 

10 weeks prior to the defence

When the Doctoral Subcommittee is approved by the Beadle’s Office and the faculty dean, all members of the committee will receive a confirmation of this decision. Subsequently, they’ll receive an email with a link to the manuscript so that they can add their assessment.

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