Study switch Workshop

Not sure about the bachelor’s or master’s you’ve chosen? Attend this study switch workshop and make an informed choice!

Come to the workshop and give yourself three hours to explore whether you’ve chosen the right programme or whether you should choose a new study (bachelor/master). One outcome could be that you will continue in your chosen degree programme, or you’ll receive guidance to make a new choice.  

In the workshop you’ll learn how to approach the process of choosing a programme and you’ll focus on answering your questions about your choice of study. You’ll get a clearer sense of who you are, your interests, and your possibilities. One of the ways of doing this is by taking a professional Occupations Interest Test. You’ll learn to convert the insights you obtain into concrete studies or degree programmes. You’ll also receive helpful instruments that you can use to choose a study or select a new study.  


  • What process will you use in making your choice? Which of the 6 phases of choosing a study best fits your current situation?
  • What are your pitfalls?
  • How do you make choices?
  • What are your qualities and interests and what is your ideal future? You’ll discover the answer by taking a test to identify your interests, and by doing self-analysis exercises.
  • You’ll take the knowledge you’ve gained about yourself and convert it into concrete studies or degree programmes.
  • Finally, you’ll draft an action plan: what do you still need to do in order to definitively choose a study?

Date:                    Go to our event calendar
Costs:                  € 20,00, registration through the webshop (Career Advice)
Organisation:    EUR, department Student Support (student services)
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  • See the event calendar for the exact dates and time and the webshop to register for  one of our workshop. 
  • The workshop will no longer be visible in the webshop, when the maximum number of participants is reached.  
  • No intake is necessary to take part in any of our workshops. 
  • There are separate workshops for Dutch speaking and non-Dutch speaking students.

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Study switch Workshop