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Academic Leadership course

The academic in a managerial position is more than a manager who supports staff and manages a department. You can inspire and motivate professionals, deal with different cultures, manage the quality of research and education. To equip you as a (future) manager for this demanding and diverse role, EUR offers the Academic Leadership course. This is a compulsory management qualification for the position of associate professor.  

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  • Coaching skills

    In this training, you will get insights into your own coaching skills, talents and capacities and apply them to inspire and motivate others for an optimal development of their qualities.

    For: WD | WO | assistant professors | associate professors | full professors

  • Introduction day for new supervisors @EUR

    This introduction serves as the first step for the new supervisors to orientate themselves in giving supervision at the EUR.

    For: assistant professors | associate professors

  • LDE module Strategic leadership

    The module is a joint initiative of Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam (LDE). The aim of this master class is to give participants more insight into how they can effectively support and improve the cooperation within research groups with different (LDE) partners at process level and how to bridge differences between partners. Closer cooperation between different (LDE) partners should benefit the quality of the academic output.

    For: associate professors | full professors

  • Managing professionals

    In this training, you will receive an overview of your role as a supervisor. You will get insights and develop skills in guiding and coaching staff. You will get to know how to involve a team in a change and have vision of your own capabilities and points to develop as a supervisor.

    For: assistant professors

  • Performance and Development (P&D) conversations for supervisors

    A P&D conversation focusses on performance, result agreements and development of your staff member, and new agreements are made for the next period. Our skill training “Performance and Development (P&D) conversations” is a (refresher) course to support you as supervisor in conducting efficient P&D conversations with your employees.

    For: associate professors | full professors

  • Supervision of PhD candidates

    In this training, practical sides of giving supervision are covered. Furthermore, we give attention to the role of supervisor as a coach.

    For: associate professors