S4S partnerships and initiatives

Students-for-Students (S4S) initiatives are extra- or intracurricular educational projects, which are organized by and for students. The goal is to provide students with broadening or deepening knowledge and/or skills, which are not part of their regular curriculum.

Existing projects with enough track record are offered an S4S partnership. S4S currently has a partnership with Turing Students Rotterdam, Erasmus Tech Community, and ECE Students. Please contact s4s@eur.nl if you think your project might be eligible.

  • Turing Students Rotterdam is part of the biggest network of student tech communities in the world, who are jointly working to change the educational system through tech. On campus, TSR is building a community of tech-leaders of the future by inspiring students through educational events, coding bootcamps and social activities. TSR enables students from all backgrounds to learn hard skills and start their career in the tech world. Read more

  • Given the rising interest from industries and students in next generation technologies, the Erasmus Tech Community (ETC) was established to raise awareness and educate students in Erasmus University Rotterdam about technology changes taking place. Read more.

  • Logo ECE students

    The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Students (ECE Students) is the official entrepreneurial association of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and a special project of Europe’s leading entrepreneurial accelerator, The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE). We contribute to the dynamic and ever-changing startup ecosystem of Rotterdam, all the while supporting entrepreneurial-minded students in their academic and professional journeys. Read more.

  • The Research Group analyzes, criticizes and reflects on science in a highly multidisciplinary setting. Read more.

  • Education in Transition strives to transform the current education system in ways which correspond to the needs of future generations. They are a university-wide, student-led organization that advances 21st century skills, systemic change and social responsibility in all disciplines and layers of the university. Read more

  • Erasmus Public Speaking Academy aims to provide students with an opportunity to gradually grow their public speaking confidence via practising in a safe, small-group environment. Read more

  • Since asset management, and investing in general form the pillars of our current society, the Asset Management Study Association (AMSA) aims to increase the presence of the asset management industry at Erasmus University through easy-access educational media products, available to all students from any faculty. Read more.

  • Harp Logo Apollo Music

    Apollo Music recognizes the essence of art in academia. With this project, we shed light on the educative side of music by organizing different symposia and lessons from many guest speakers and professors. Furthermore, we offer a wide and social platform for students to share their passion for music by organising interactive gatherings, concerts and other social and educational events. Read more.

  • The Happy Student Society was founded to create a supportive environment that promotes student well-being at our university. In today’s world, students strive for academic excellence whilst also face the pressure for having the perfect life on all other dimensions. By offering the tools and resources in how to deal with these challenges, we enable them to lead a productive and successful university life. Read more.

  • Logo Student & Leefstijl

    The goal of Student & Leefstijl (Dutch for Student & Lifestyle) is to improve Dutch healthcare by educating future doctors to use healthy food and lifestyle as medicine. This is important because already more than 50% of the Dutch population suffers from one or more lifestyle-related-diseases, such as overweight, depression and diabetes. And only through “lifestyle-medicine” can we solve these problems. Read more.

  • Enactus logo

    Enactus EUR is a community of social entrepreneurs. Our aim is to create a better, more sustainable world. We do this through engaging the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders to use innovation and business principles to improve the world. Read more.