Online Case Writing Course

donderdag 12 nov 2020, 15:00 - donderdag 19 nov 2020, 17:00


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Het Case Development Centre (CDC) organiseert een online cursus voor het schrijven van cases om academici en vakmensen te helpen bij het ontwikkelen van onderwijscases op 12 november 2020 en 19 november 2020.

Let op: de cursus wordt in het Engels gegeven.

The workshop – structured into two synchronous modules – will give participants the confidence and equip them with the skill to create their own cases effectively. The last (optional) asynchronous module will serve as a coaching session, helping participants turn their drafts into final products that they can use in class or submit for publication.

This workshop will be facilitated by Tao Yue, Managing Editor, and Carla Gatt, Senior Case Writer, at the RSM CDC. Over the past decade, CDC has produced about 200 teaching cases in almost all areas of business management, as well as other social science disciplines. Some of CDC’s cases have won international case writing competition prizes and others were adapted for publications like the Harvard Business Review and the Financial Times. CDC has given various case writing workshops for academics and students at RSM and in other schools in Europe and Asia.

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Kijk voor meer informatie over de cursus op de website van RSM.

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