Nene Wilson

Give yourself time to grow
Nene Wilson
A production and administrative intern at Orisun

One of my tasks was to recruit new ambassadors, by attending fashion shows or contacting different art and fashion academies, and inform them about their tasks and our expectations. Moreover, I was responsible for the management of the ‘Shout out’ project which was dedicated to those who have worked with Orisun in the past.  My task entailed the overall planning, execution and administration of this project. For more temporary or pilot productions, I was seen as a production assistant with a wide range of tasks such as picking up clothes, being in charge of the catering and helping on set in any way possible.

Having a network

I was lucky to know the founder of Orison personally, Nike Ayinla. I had asked her if she knew some interesting places for me to intern at. Two weeks later she offered me a place at her organization and the rest is history. During my internship I found that communication is key! I have learned that it is extremely important to understand the mission and purpose of the organization, only then you will be able to properly convey the message of the organisation that you are working for.

Giving a platform

I have personally seen how most designers live by the principle of creating art for art’s sake. Meanwhile Orisun wants to allow them to also flourish commercially by giving them a platform which stimulates individuality as well as economic success. Orisun taught me the importance of money without ignoring the artist’s vision. Furthermore, what I think is important at an internship, is to be assertive, be clear in what it is that you want & listen, listen, listen! Ask if you can attend certain meetings or events to take notes and just listen. This way you can meet new people, network but most of all learn from their conversations.