Update your knowledge: lecture Brexit and Beyond


donderdag, 21 nov 2019, 15:00


donderdag, 21 nov 2019, 16:30

Theil Building
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A historic event is about to happen. The European Union, the most far-reaching system of cooperation among states, is about to lose a member, an important one. The withdrawal process has led to the UK’s largest political crisis since World War II and a polarizing election will take place on 12 December.
Political scientist Professor Markus Haverland of the Erasmus University will update your knowledge: Brexit and Beyond.

How did we get here? Why is Brexit such a difficult process? What is likely to happen next? And what are the broader implications for the European Union?

About Markus Haverland

Prof. Markus Haverland is professor of Political Science and Chair European and Global Governance Group, Department of Public Administration and Sociology (ESSB)

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Marjolein Kooistra, communications ESSB, kooistra@essb.eur.nl