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  • (James) J Bonat

    (James) J Bonat

  • (Roderick) R Chalmers Hoynck van Papendrecht

    (Roderick) R Chalmers Hoynck van Papendrecht

  • (Tobias) T Cohen Jehoram (Tobias) T Cohen Jehoram

  • (Albert) AF Dongo MSc

    (Albert) AF Dongo MSc

    Albert Dongó is a PhD candidate who joined the Department of Accounting and Control in September 2018. His research interests lie in the field of management…
  • dr. (Florian) F Elsinger

    dr. (Florian) F Elsinger

    Florian Elsinger joined RSM as an Assistant Professor in Management Accounting in 2018. He obtained his PhD in Accounting from the University of Bern in 2018…
  • prof.dr. (Marc) MH Goedhart

    prof.dr. (Marc) MH Goedhart

    Marc Goedhart is (part time) full professor in Corporate Valuation and a senior expert in corporate finance at McKinsey & Company. He has more than 20 years…
  • dr. (Julia) J Hornig

    dr. (Julia) J Hornig

  • (Yuhan) Y Ji

    (Yuhan) Y Ji

  • dr. (Saskia) S Kohlhase

    dr. (Saskia) S Kohlhase

    Saskia Kohlhase conducts research on economic and societal consequences of taxation. In particular, she investigates consequences of taxing cross-border…
  • dr. (Miriam) M Koning

    dr. (Miriam) M Koning