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  • (Lucas) L Alves Chacha

    (Lucas) L Alves Chacha

  • (Marcello) MJC Aspria MSc

    (Marcello) MJC Aspria MSc

  • (Paul) PD Aubrecht

    (Paul) PD Aubrecht

  • dr. (Catharina) CT Bakker

    dr. (Catharina) CT Bakker

  • prof.dr. (Roland) RA Bal

    prof.dr. (Roland) RA Bal

    My main research interest lies in the building, functioning and consequences of knowledge infrastructures for the governance of health care. I have studied such…
  • dr. (Allen) CA Bargfrede MA

    dr. (Allen) CA Bargfrede MA

  • dr. (Marianne) ME van Bochove

    dr. (Marianne) ME van Bochove

    Marianne van Bochove (1983) is an assistant professor of Sociology at the institute of Health Policy and Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the…
  • prof.dr. (Bert) A Boer

    prof.dr. (Bert) A Boer

  • prof.dr. (Antoinette) AA de Bont

    prof.dr. (Antoinette) AA de Bont

    Antoinette de Bont is a professor at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management. Her research agenda addresses national and international policy…
  • (Robert) RAJ Borst MSc

    (Robert) RAJ Borst MSc

    Ever since completing my training as a health scientist an epidemiologist, I have been interested in better understanding and improving the use of knowledge in…