Employee and student participation

University Council

On a central level, the University Council represents the students and staff members of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The University Council regularly meets with the Executive Board to discuss central policies of the university regarding education, research, finance, HR and organisation. The University Council provides advice on request, but also proactively, and has the right of consent on certain matters. 

More information about the University Council on their website.

Participation at schools and institutes

Faculty Councils

The Faculty Council is the participatory body of a school. The council consists of staff members and students of the school. The Faculty Council has to power to deliberate with the Dean about everything that is relevant to the school. In the case of certain important decisions, the Faculty Council has the right of consent, such as defining the Faculty Regulations and the Education and Examination Regulations.

Programme committees

Each study programme has a programme committee. Some programme committees represent both a Bachelor and a consecutive Master programme. Half of a programme committee consists of students of the programme. Below, you will find an overview of pages on which you can read more about the programme committees of the schools:

More information about Faculty Councils and Programme committees

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