Extension residence permit

Are you aware that residence permits for the purpose of study are issued for a specific period of time? The expiry date is on the front, in Dutch: ‘geldig tot’.

If you are continuing to study in the Netherlands after the expiry date of your student residence permit, then you need to extend your residence permit.


Applications for residence permit extensions can only be submitted to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation (IND) through EUR. 

  • Making the necessary arrangements for the extension of your residence permit well in time is fully your own responsibility – failing to do so might have severe consequences for your ability to stay in the Netherlands! 
    • You are strongly advised to start the application process, by submitting the online extension form (see below), three months before your current residence permit expires (it generally takes two to three months to receive your extension). The deadline for submitting the form is two months before your residence permit expires.
  • EUR will forward your application to the IND office on your behalf.
    • EUR cannot speed up the process at the IND, and cannot be held responsible for any residence gaps that may occur if you fail to submit your application in time.

Step by step

Application process for an extension of your residence permit:

  1. Make sure your registration at EUR is fully completed before proceeding with your application!
  2. Pay the extension fee before starting the extension procedure. Be sure to keep your proof of payment or print screen of your online bank transfer - you need to upload it when submitting your application.
  3. Please send the completed extension form to immigration@eur.nl. Don't forget to complete the checklist mentioned in the extension form!
    • Important: in this form there are several documents that you need to fill in and sign. Please ensure to do this with a blue pen, so that we can check that you have submitted the documents in full colour. Only scanned copies in PDF, of good quality and in full colour can be accepted.
    • Important: double check if you filled in all the required fields and uploaded all the required documents before you submit the application!
  4. The International Office EUR checks all information and documentation. If additional information is required, we will contact you.
  5. If the information and documentation is complete, we will submit an application for the extension of your permit to the IND on your behalf.
    You will receive a confirmation by email when the application has been forwarded to the IND. The IND generally takes two to three months to process applications.
  6. Once the IND informs us that your application has been approved, you will receive a notification by email. The IND will proceed with issuing your new residence permit.
  7. When your residence permit is ready to be collected at the IND front office, you will receive another notification. Please note that this can take two to four weeks after your application has been approved.


If you come across any problems or have any questions, you can always email immigration@eur.nl.

(For International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) students a different procedure is in place. You will be contacted by your faculty regarding changes in your permit.)


Lost your residence permit?

Yep, it’s lost / stolen.

Advice & counselling

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