prof.dr. (Catharina) CM Fokkema

prof.dr. (Catharina) CM Fokkema
Endowed professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Sociology
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • RO Ciobanu, Catharina Fokkema & M Nedelcu (2019) - Ageing as a migrant: Vulnerabilities, agency and policy implications - Routledge

  • H Baykara-Krumme & Catharina Fokkema (2018) - Tipi di solidarietà intergenerazionale nelle famiglie turche immigrate e stanziali. - Il Mulino
  • Catharina Fokkema, E Cela & Y Witter (2016) - Pendular migration of older adults: misconceptions and nuances - Routledge
  • J De Jong Gierveld & Catharina Fokkema (2015) - Strategies to prevent loneliness - Routledge
  • Pearl Dykstra & Catharina Fokkema (2007) - Persoonlijke zorgnormen: Bereidheid te geven én te ontvangen. - Het Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau

  • Kasia Karpinska, Pearl Dykstra & Catharina Fokkema (2016) - Families of Poles in the Netherlands (FPN) survey. Wave 1. DANS. Dataset. - doi: 10.17026/dans-zep-et7y

  • Kasia Karpinska, Catharina Fokkema, Nina Conkova & Pearl Dykstra (2016) - Codebook of the Families of Poles in the Netherlands (FPN) Survey, wave 1 - Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Catharina Fokkema, S ter Bekke & Pearl Dykstra (2008) - Solidarity between parents and their adult children - KNAW Press
  • S ter Bekke, H Young, Pearl Dykstra, E Grundy, Catharina Fokkema & C Tomassini (2007) - Family and social network. In: Quality of life for elderly people: Indicators - Institut National d'Etudes Demographiques

  • Pearl Dykstra & Catharina Fokkema (2011) - Report on the comparative study of intergenerational transfers and social integration. Deliverable 5.3 for the FP-7 funded project “How demographic changes shape intergenerational solidarity, well-being, and social integration: A multilinks framework”. -
  • Pearl Dykstra, E Grundy, Catharina Fokkema, J De Jong Gierveld, GB Ploubidis, S Read & C Tomassini (2009) - Health and well-being at older ages: The interlinkage with family histories, gender, and national contexts. Final report prepared in the context of the MAGGIE research project. - NIDI/LSHTM
  • Catharina Fokkema, S ter Bekke & Pearl Dykstra (2007) - European landscape of variations in intergenerational solidarity. - European Commission

  • GA Knaap & Catharina Fokkema (96) - Bevolkingsverandering in groot Amsterdam en de vraag naar gezondheidszorg door ouderen - Gemeente Amsterdam

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