(Lisa) L van der Storm

(Lisa) L van der Storm
PhD candidate Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Sociology
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Lisa van der Storm is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam on the ERC Starting Grant of Prof. dr. Renske Keizer ("The role of the father in child development and the intergenerational transmission of inequality). Within this study, Lisa will focus on the parenting roles of both fathers and mothers in relation to the social-emotional development of children. 

In 2017, Lisa graduated from the research master Child Development and Education at the University of Amsterdam. During her master she focused her research on two topics: 1) associations between Theory of Mind, blushing, and self-conscious emotions in children, 2) gene-environment interactions of parental support on the development of shyness and social-anxiety in children and adolescents. 


  • Lisa Storm, Paula Vrolijk, Sari Hogye & S De Leeuw (2019) - The impact of parental involvement in child upbringing: Focusing on mothers and fathers.
  • Katrien Helmerhorst, Lisa Storm, Nicole Lucassen & Renske Keizer (2018) - Vergelijking tussen vader-kind en moeder-kind gehechtheidsrelaties en de mogelijke rol van SES

  • Lisa Storm, Katrien Helmerhorst, Nicole Lucassen & Renske Keizer (2021) - Spillover and Crossover Linkages Between Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parental Stress and Parental Sensitivity
  • Lisa Storm, Nicole Lucassen, Katrien Helmerhorst & Renske Keizer (2019) - Are fathers the bridge to the social world? A meta-analysis on linkages between parenting behavior of fathers and mothers and children’s prosocial behavior.

  • Katrien Helmerhorst, Lisa Storm, Nicole Lucassen & Renske Keizer (2019) - Comparing father-child and mother-child attachment relationships and its links to children’s social-emotional development - SRCD Biennal Meeting 2019

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