(Marilena) M Drymioti

(Marilena) M Drymioti
PhD candidate Erasmus School of Law Criminology
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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The recent economic and political crisis has brought with it challenges which require an increased understanding of the changing dynamics of markets, economies, politics as well as their effect on global and local societies and their underlying culture/structure. I started seriously engaging in socio-political discussions through an MA in Global Criminology where I examined crime as a social phenomenon highly influenced by social, political and economic factors. A pivotal moment was my MA thesis in which I researched the financial crisis in Cyprus focusing on the negotiations and the measures enforced by national agencies in co-operation with the Troika, as well as the effects of certain decisions/measures on the society. To holistically understand and validly theorise the findings, I had to delve deep into main concepts of political economy, sociology and critical criminology. Through this process, my eagerness to develop a knowledge on political and social sciences and combine them with criminological theories became stronger. 

I am currently working on my doctorate thesis which in short and very generally, is a multilevel and cross-disciplinary qualitative research exploring power structures and socio-political processes during the Greek crisis. (Supervisor: Prof.dr. R. van Swaaningen)

I hold an LLM (hons) in Law from the University of Sheffield (UK) and an MA in Global Criminology from Utrecht University (NL). Prior to my current position, I was employed as a researcher (onderzoeker 4) at a temporary position by Utrecht University at the 'Willem Pompe Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology' from the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.

Globalisation, Digitalisation and Crime

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