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  • dr. (Nuno) NM Almeida Camacho

    dr. (Nuno) NM Almeida Camacho

    Nuno Camacho is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In hist…
  • (Muhammad) M Asim

    (Muhammad) M Asim

  • dr. (Vardan) V Avagyan

    dr. (Vardan) V Avagyan

  • dr. (Jihun) J Bae

    dr. (Jihun) J Bae

  • prof.dr. (Guido) G Baltussen

    prof.dr. (Guido) G Baltussen

    Guido Baltussen is Professor in Finance (Chair: Behavioral Finance and Financial Markets) and a full Tinbergen and ERIM (high performance) fellow. In addition,…
  • (Dyaran) DS Bansraj

    (Dyaran) DS Bansraj

  • (Ricardo) R Barahona

    (Ricardo) R Barahona

  • dr. (Arie) AT Barendregt

    dr. (Arie) AT Barendregt

  • prof.dr. (Sjoerd) S van Bekkum

    prof.dr. (Sjoerd) S van Bekkum

    Sjoerd van Bekkum is Professor of Finance and Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University. His research agenda focuses on changes in the…
  • dr. (Clement) CS Bellet

    dr. (Clement) CS Bellet

    Research interests: Behavioral Economics, Quantitative Marketing, Subjective Well-Being, Inequality and Poverty.My work borrows from behavioral economics and…