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  • (Sewavi) SA Abalo

    (Sewavi) SA Abalo

  • dr. (Taslim) TA Alade

    dr. (Taslim) TA Alade

    Taslim is a lecturer at the Business-Society Management Department at RSM. In addition to his teaching, he is the coordinator of the I DO course and…
  • (Paul) PA Argenti

    (Paul) PA Argenti

  • dr. (Yan) Y Bai

    dr. (Yan) Y Bai

  • dr. (Guido) GAJM Berens

    dr. (Guido) GAJM Berens

    Guido Berens is Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He obtained…
  • (Arie) A den Boer

    (Arie) A den Boer

  • (Erik) E Boerrigter

    (Erik) E Boerrigter

  • dr. (Martin) MA de Bree

    dr. (Martin) MA de Bree

    Martin de Bree is researcher at Rotterdam School of Management. He is a renowned scholar in the area of regulation and governance, meta-regulation, system based…
  • (Marianne) AM Breijer

    (Marianne) AM Breijer

  • prof.dr. (Flore) FM Bridoux

    prof.dr. (Flore) FM Bridoux

    Flore Bridoux is a Professor of Stakeholder Management at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. She holds a PhD from the Catholic University…

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