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  • (Sabrina) S Alhanachi

    (Sabrina) S Alhanachi

  • dr. (Martine) MA Baars

    dr. (Martine) MA Baars

    My PhD thesis research (NWO PROO grant # 411-07-152) started in 2009 and concerned instructional strategies to improve self-monitoring and regulation of…
  • dr. (Lesya) AY Ganushchak

    dr. (Lesya) AY Ganushchak

  • dr. (Brian) BP Godor

    dr. (Brian) BP Godor

  • dr. (Annemarie) AMF Hiemstra

    dr. (Annemarie) AMF Hiemstra

    Dr. Annemarie Hiemstra is an assistant professor in Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research focuses on personnel selection, psychological…
  • (Job) DJ Hudig MSc

    (Job) DJ Hudig MSc

    I earned my bachelor’s degree business administration and my master’s degree organizational psychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Currently, I pursue…
  • dr. (Bjorn) BB de Koning

    dr. (Bjorn) BB de Koning

    Bjorn de Koning is Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Education, and Child Studies (DPECS) at Erasmus University…
  • (Romina) R de Lima - van Gent

    (Romina) R de Lima - van Gent

  • dr. (Marieke) M Meeuwisse

    dr. (Marieke) M Meeuwisse

    Marieke Meeuwisse (Ph.D.) is associate professor in Educational Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her main research theme is (ethnic) diversity in…
  • dr. (Lonneke) LAL de Meijer

    dr. (Lonneke) LAL de Meijer

    Lonneke de Meijer is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research generally…