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Implementing research data management is in three ways beneficial:

1.Understanding the data and the context. It results in documentation of key aspects during the whole research process, thus providing, in a practical sense, the context to understand the data, and the relations between them, in the course of time.

2.Transparancy. Documenting key aspects during the whole research process provides transparency, for instance for reproduction and validation purposes and even in cases where questions have arisen with regards to scientific integrity.

3.Research funding. Research grant suppliers and funding agencies increasingly demand research management plans and data paragraphs from researchers and check the submitted grant proposals on aspects of planned and embedded strategies to ensure that research data is archived in a sustainable manner and made available for further research.

This section of the research matters website is dedicated to the various aspects of research data. What are the things to keep in mind, what is required and when and how to do what. And whom to contact for support and advice.


Also, there is an useful mindmap about research data management available via this link.